Scientific Method

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Scientific Method
Ra'Nisha Bowen
July 8th, 2013
Leonard Robinson

Scientific Method
The scientific method is defined as a procedure that scientist use over periods of time to assemble a precise interpretations of the world. These perceptions and interpretation of natural phenomenon’s can be influenced by a person culture and beliefs. The scientific method is made up of four steps. These steps include * Observation and description of a phenomenon or group phenomenon * Formulation of a hypothesis or hypotheses to explain the phenomenon * Use of the hypothesis to predict the existence of the other phenomenon, or quantitatively predict the results of new observations * Performance of test of predictions by several independent experimenters.

In relation to forensic science the scientific method is very involved. Forensic science is science is in public, in court, or in the justice system. The "American Academy of Forensic Science" (1996-2013).

In the criminal justice investigation process forensic science and the scientific method are used. The collecting of the evidence is a very important procedure and should be done with accuracy. When collecting evidence there are steps that should be taken. According to Richard Saferstein (2011), the procedure of collecting blood stains from a crime scene is the specialist uses a gauze pad (if liquid) and is air dried on the pad at room temperature. Blood evidence should be refrigerated or frozen as soon as possible. This evidence should not be heated or sat in direct sunlight. If the blood is on clothing, it should be hung in room temperature with proper ventilation. Each item of evidence should be bagged and labeled separately.

In some cases there may be seminal fluid that needs to be collected. Most times this evidence is found on clothing, sheets, or blankets. Most times when having to collect seminal fluid it is on a sex offense case, which the victim should be examined by a physician where a sexual assault kit is used to collect the evidence. This evidence should also be examined, bagged, and labeled separately.

There are other methods of collecting evidence that the police have to do accurately. For example, the crime scene has to be photographed exactly the way it is found. Nothing should be moved, unless there is a hurt person on the scene. If there is anything removed or added to the crime scene the photos will not be used in a trial. If at any time evidence is changed from a photo at a crime scene it should be recorded in notes from the person who removed him or her. Another way to collect evidence is, and this is a newer way is recording the crime scene by video. This is more helpful to the investigators “because the cost of the equipment is decreasing.” Richard Safestein (2011). In some instances this is a better way to collect evidence because a camcorder can catch every detail of the crime scene that a photographer might miss. The downside of videotaping a crime scene is that the camera can be shaky, the zoom can be off, which can cut off important evidence on the scene. As popular as videotaping is becoming, photographs are still in the lead concerning collecting evidence. Another way to collect evidence is by sketching. A sketch artist comes and draws out the crime scene. This person has to have a keen eye in so that he or she can get every detail from the photos. A sketch artist, like other investigators has to go through extensive training on and off the field. A sketch artist has two drafts, a rough draft, and a final draft. The rough draft is basic parameters of the crime scene. The final draft adds all the little details that the rough draft had, but with better details.

When taking photos of the crime scene the area...

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