Scientific Method

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Title: Scientific Method
1) To carry out an experiment that use proper scientific method. 2) To application the scientific method in experimental study. 3) To study Tribolium behavior.
a) Specimen’s External Anatomy

The specimen was obtained. The shell and body was examined with unaided eye and magnifying lens. The shell shape, color and texture was examined too. Number of legs, antennae, posterior appendages or brood pouches was observed. The outline of specimen was drawn.

b) Specimen’s motion

The specimen’s was watched underside as the specimen moving up a transparency surface. The action of the feet and any motion was observed. The behavior of specimen also been observed. The specimen then allow to crawl on the hand and the feels and acts was been observed. Then the specimen was placed on a graduated cylinder. The different angle of cylinder and position of specimen was determined. The specimen was place on a meter ruler. The stopwatch are used to measure the time it takes to move. Results was recorded in the table.

c) Specimen’s reaction to common substances

The substances was chosen from powders and liquids. An expected hypothesis was recorded. The actual experiment was carry out to prove the hypothesis.

a) Specimen’s External Anatomy

| Unaided eye| Microscope |
Shell shape| Oblong | Oblong |
Color| Light brown| Dark brown|
Texture | Smooth body | Smooth hairy body|
Number of legs| 6 leg| 6 leg|
Antennae | 1 pairs| 1 pairs|

b) Specimen’s motion

1- The action of the feet and the motion that was observed are an abdomen of specimen move backward while the thorax move forward. It’s very active to climb the wall of graduated cylinder. 2- The behavior that might protect it’s from predators that was examined are its pretend to die, not moving, spread their wings and also curl their feet. Same goes to protect it from elements, it will use the same ways to protect their self from the predators. 3- The behavior that appear to help it acquire food are use their antennae to detect the food and it also explore throughout the food especially in powder form to collect the food in a group. 4- The behavior that allow interaction with the environment is when the specimen was expose to the light, it become passive and run away from the light. 5- When the specimen’s crawl on hand, the person feel calm and ticklish this because the specimen is too small. 6- The position of specimen with different angle:

Specimen| Direction moved| Comments|
1| 30°| Move up|
2| 45°| Move up|
3| 60°| Move down|
4| 90°| Stay down|

7- The speed of specimen:

Specimen| Milimeter traveled| Time(sec)| Average speed(mm/sec)| 1| 150 mm| 21 sec| 7.143|
2| 150 mm| 52 sec| 2.885|
3| 150 mm| 31 sec| 4.838|
4| 150 mm| 23 sec| 6.521|

8- An expected hypothesis from the respond of specimen:

Substance tested| Hypothesis about how specimen will respond to substance| Reasoning for hypothesis | Flour | Negative | Negative because flour does not have any sweet flavor.| Dried milk| Positive | Positive because dried milk have a sweet flavor.| Fine sand| Negative | Negative because fine sand does not have any taste.| Water| Negative| Negative because water does not have any taste.| Soy sos| Positive| Positive because soy sos have a sweet flavor.| Chili sos| Positive | Positive because chili sos have a sweet flavor.|

9- Hypothesis after experimental test:

Substances tested| Specimen’s reaction| Hypothesis supported? | Flour | Tribolium move toward flour.| No |
Dried milk| Tribolium move toward flour.| Yes |
Fine sand| Tribolium move away from fine sand.| Yes |
Water| Tribolium move away from water.| Yes |
Soy sos| Tribolium move toward soy sos....

References: Cecie Star, Christine A.Evers, Lisa Starr. (2008). Biology: concepts and applications 7th edition. United states of America
Stephen. R.(2008). The genome of the model beetle and pest Tribolium castaneum. Retrieve on 13 March 2013 from.
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