Scientific Method

Topics: Blood sugar, Scientific method, Diabetes mellitus Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Scientific Method

The experiment in this scientific article is based on whether it is true that caffeine can reduce high blood sugar or not. It was necessary to follow scientific method to come to a trustworthy and fair conclusion. The hypothesis of this experiment is that caffeine may help prevent diabetes. Scientists were asking if drinking coffee in regular doses would decrease the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. To test the hypothesis, scientists chose to do an experiment on mice that have a mutation which makes them become diabetic. The mice were split into two groups; a group contained 11 mice, were given water, and another group of 10 mice were given diluted black coffee. Both groups shared the same diet compositions and living conditions for five weeks. Every week, the blood glucose of all the mice, was examined. Every science experiment requires a control group and a treatment group to be successful and fair. The control group in this experimentation would be the group of mice that were only provided with water, because this group needs to remain in its natural state to present a standard of comparison for the other group. In the other hand, the treatment group is the one that contains mice that were given diluted black coffee. This group is referred to as treatment since they are provided with the substance that is being tested. The result would examine the outcome of the variable, which the researcher is interested in. This experiment seems fair, as the researches followed the rules of the scientific method, which are making an observation, developing a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis in an experiment, analyzing data, and stating a conclusion. First, they made an observation that people who consume coffee on a regular basis were less diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, than those who rarely drink coffee. Then, they formed a hypothesis and designed an experiment on two groups of mice under the same circumstances. The scientists kept...
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