Scientific Management in Mcdonald's Operation

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Employment Pages: 5 (1805 words) Published: April 26, 2010
This is an essay about scientific management in McDonald’s operation, I believe the largest fast food McDonald’s is the most successful model on scientific management. Scientific management is a branch of classical approach; Taylor said scientific management is standardisation which means people in organization should be uniformed by company rules or policy which are some written documents. Scientific management is a very important part in management area, since look at the history of management. People are living in different groups such as school, factory, hospital and company etc. If there is no group to organize people’s life, then our society won’t be developed so far. But only organize people is not enough, we also need to manage those people to do their job more efficient. So scientific management is a system learns from previous experience. The reason we using McDonald’s example in this assignment, because it’s the largest fast food organization in the world and also it the most successful case for scientific management. McDonald’s management system is perfectly following scientific management system from producing to selling, even though McDonald’s brother never studied ‘scientific management’ (Eric, 2001, p.69). McDonald’s is the largest franchising cooperation in the world, so it must deeply understand the concept ‘copy’ and ‘standardization’. In the rest of the essay I would like to write this topic with indentify four key scientific management concepts, and how they applied in McDonald’s case. Also I am going to discuss four critical arguments according to those four concepts.

Treat people like a machine is one of the concepts in scientific management. By my own understanding, this concept means letting people to do the same job again and again to maximising organizational profit. As Hawthorne said management system of treating people like a machine will improve the productivity efficiently. ( Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 95). People working in McDonald’s must follow its instruction to do the job, normally one person in one position. People don’t have to move too much steps in their work place. McDonald’s has their own ‘Made for you’ system, which means they make fresh when you order. For example, when custom order a ‘big mac’ combo, people who making buns will toast the bun and pass it on to the person who making burgers, and wrapping it up ready for the custom. People who dose fries will put it into the box, finally people who in the front counter puts all these together for the customer. Everyone in McDonald’s just dose their job and pass it to the next. Each person repeatable does their own job for that shift. So working in McDonald’s doesn’t need too much skill, but a highly repeatable job, and this is the main point of scientific management.

Efficient achievement of clear organizational goals is another main concept of scientific management, as Taylor said ‘management should maximum benefits for both employers and employees’ (Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 91 ). Therefore, employer’s benefit is getting maximum profit by minimum cost. Scientific ordering people to do the job is the essential element in scientific management, for example, two people equally to do one project may not do it efficiently. However, if we order one person to do the main part, the other one as the supporter then the result would be more efficient. That is scientific distribution. In another word, the managers need to clearly understand organizational goals and efficiently achieve it no matter what method they use. (John, 1982, p 159). In McDonald’s case, their goal is making maximum burgers in certain time; therefore, scientific management instead of people management is the only way to reach this goal. In New Zealand, more and more 24hrs McDonald’s opened in last 5...
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