Scientific: Human and Science

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Science offers knowledge based on experiment and observation, but technology is the total sum of the application of knowledge. This has made life easy and comfortable for the user. A country said to be a developed country when it has many technical advancements. A small country like japan has succeeded to acquire this prestige because of its advancements and applications of technology at a high level. This century is the age of Science. We cannot imagine our life without science. It has become a part and parcel of life. It is a symbol of progress.

We are enjoying the comfort of science in all the fields. Electricity is another important scientific invention. The comforts of life like electric lamps, fridges, washing machines, Air conditioners are the gifts of electricity.

The development in the agricultural front, which is the backbone of our country, is really encouraging. New improved techniques have helped to increase crop yield, methods like drip irrigation, invention of hybrid varieties of seed have gone a long way to help agriculturists. Production of disease resistant seeds leads to high yield and it paved way for the green revolution also. But using of pesticides affects the soil and reduces the nitrogen content and it leads to land pollution. 

Development in medicine is marvellous. Without shedding a drop of blood, doctors are able to do surgeries. The latest devices helps to diagnose diseases at an early stage itself, thus bringing the death rate down. X-rays and laser were also used in the medical field. Almost all kinds of diseases are entirely cured by modern medicines. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY:

We are in the age of science and technology. Man cannot live without the aid of science. Science has so much engulfed our lives that nothing can take place in our day to day work without the help of science. Our food, transport, learning, administration, recreation and social life are all linked with science in various ways. To answer the question whether science has come to mankind as a boon or as a use for ruin (bane), one should know what science exactly means. Science is said to be a systematic classification of experiences. We, men wonder at the various things and events happening around us. We get doubts; what are they? These questions are the basic seeds for science. Then starts the thinking, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, comparison and contrast and finally the truth emerges. Scientists say there is a scientific method for everything and there are inevitable steps to be followed: (1) Observation (2) Hypothesis (3) Experiment (4) Theory and (5) Proof. All scientists have, in a way, followed these steps. The aim of science is search for truth, and to know things, hitherto unknown. A scientist does not accept ideas, simply because, they were accepted by others earlier. Great discoveries are a result of reasoning. A lot of patience and observation are required. Civilization, as it is today, is the result of a number of discoveries made in the field of science. The invention of them simple wheel has resulted in our modern industrialization. Electricity, as a source of energy, has revolutionized the world. Medical science is so much advanced that the average life of an Indian has risen to 62 years from 35 years. Science has contributed to the success of our green revolution and now we have enough food for all. We have enough clothing and better shelter too. All this is possible, because of science. Radios, T.C s and cinemas which entertain us are the products of science. So a common man has to conclude that science is a boon to mankind. There is the other side of the coin also. T.L. Peacock says; “I almost think that it is the ultimate destiny of science to exterminate the human race”. That is the other point of view. It is science, which gave birth to...
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