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1. Scientific Farming Vs Organic Farming Class: 2A Group 3 Group leader: Wong Kin Kon, Tony (40) Group member: Chow Cheuk Yin, Tommy (8) Fung Sheung Chi, Simon (10) Hui Ying Kit, Steven (12) Man Wing Ho, Victor (21) 2. Content Introduction P.1 Scientific Farming P.2 Organic Farming P.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of - Scientific farming method P.3 - Organic farming method P.4 Comparison between organic farming and scientific farming P.5 Our choice of farming method P.6 Feeling P.7 - 8 Acknowledgement P.9 3. Introduction Do you know that some of the food we eat is produced by farming? Nowadays, although there are very few farmers in Hong Kong, farming is still very important. There are two main types of farming methods. Do you know what are they? They are scientific farming and organic farming. We will introduce and compare them, and find out which one is better. Rabbit kept by organic method 3 4. Scientific farming They are to improve the water supplies, use the machine, use the chemicals and improved the species. The purposes are to increase the farm outputs, decrease the work of the farmers. Organic farming Organic farming is an agricultural method of plantation and feeding poultry with natural principles. Organic farmers avoid artificial fertilizers and pesticides. They will make use of crop rotation and discard recycling to keep the soil fertile. This will balance the interest of beneficial and harmful species so as to the growth of healthy crops. Based on the traditional wisdom, organic farming also makes use of newly-found scientific knowledge and advanced research results, such as anti-pest and anti-disease new species, new natural enemies and new green fertilizers, to produce healthy crops and ensure the well-being of human and the Earth. 4 5. Advantages and Disadvantages of scientific farming Advantages Disadvantages Farm works can be done effectively Have to open more farmland...
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