Scientific Explanations of the World and Agnosticism and Atheism

Topics: Universe, Earth, Scientific method Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Scientific Explanations of the World and Agnosticism and Atheism

The Big Bang had to occur at exactly the right second. If it didn’t, it cannot exist the way it is today. The reason for that is, if it happened to soon, it would have been too small to form stars, and if it happened to late, everything would have flown away too quickly to create stars and planets. They believe God caused this to happen. Scientific laws such as gravity made the content of the universe to form how it is today. They believe God created gravity, while science cannot explain what created it. Carbon had to bond with other atoms and water molecules in order for life to exist. It could not have happened by mere chance. God is the only one who could have done it. Therefore, he created the universe. Some people believe that Science is wrong and the Bible is right. The story of Noah’s ark can be an explanation of the evidence of evolution such as fossil remains and the aftermath of the flood changed the planet. The extinction of the dinosaurs is one example. The Apparent Age Theory implies that God created the world that appeared old when it was not, thereby creating Adam already as a man rather than an undeveloped embryo. Similarly the Earth was just six days old when God finished creating it. Nonetheless, the Earth was already fully formed and appeared older. Therefore, they believe that God created the Earth in the manner it was created in the Bible; it’s called Creationism.

Some people believe both in Science and the Bible. The word ‘day’ in the bible could have intended to be a period of time, therefore, God’s days could have been equivalent to millions, if not, billions of years. The passage: ‘Let there be light’ in Genesis One, could be a reference to the Big Bang explosion. Thus, the Bible could have agreed with science. The Theory of Evolution stated that among all species, plants and trees came first. Animals came after. Then, humans emerged. The Seven Days of Creation is...
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