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Yazhou Zhao
Christina Stiso
A map of Science
The Science is the first word and most important word when we went into schools. It is almost everything besides relationship among people, though it is getting better in this humanity field day by day. Science must be rational and deductive, not inductive. Just like everything fall to ground without a support, Jim is a so-called thing, so then when jim is in the air, he will fall to ground. But if we don't have this deductive thinking, we say “ Jim will fall to ground” we don't know if he is on land or in the air and the result conclusion is not true. Science develop based on this kind of tight logic.

On logic, I separate science to two main parts, one is Humanity Science and the other one is natural Sci ence. These two parts are like two fixed stars in a system. They attract and influence each other, so do to their satellite stars who it belong to main parts.

In Humanity Science, there is Psychology, Economics, Society, Law, Language Study, History Study, Religion Study, Politics, Education, Art Study and etc. The similarity of these science subjects is their topic around human and their group. They make us know ourselves and develop understanding of people’s relationship and organization.

In Natural Science, there is Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, geography, Medical and new-developed Science such like Computer Science. They are all objective and proved by evidence, undeniable. They develop since human start to know this world, step by step. Scientists do experiments to explore this world.

The secondary stars of two parts don't only around the main star, they also go across stars in other part and develop together, so it is like a complex star system.
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