Science Without Conscience-Ruin of Nations

Topics: Meaning of life, Single person, Human Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: November 18, 2008
Science means to discover the world!
Science means to learn more!
Science means to be AWARE!
Science means to be ALERT...
But science does not mean killing of the innocent does not mean destruction of the world and science certainly does not mean eradication of humanity!!!

The basic and the foremost purposes of science are to improve the quality of life of the entire humanity and to reduce the miseries and sufferings of the people. If we use the knowledge of science with conscience, we can make this earth a much better place to live in however, if we use science without having the sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, we would only contribute to its destruction.

Science without conscience is the soul's perdition.

During the past century, invention of new technologies, have changed the life of human beings in many ways. Many of these have done wonders to improve not only the quality of life but the overall health of the people of this mankind. However, by utilsing some of these developments in a negative manner, the quality of life of the people has been adversely affected.

The industrialists do not dispose off the chemicals properly .they get mixed with the clean water and this clean water is then drank by the people of a nation which results in severe sickness. The smoke emitted by vehicles causes air pollution! and when this air is inhaled by the citizens, they suffer from various kinds of lung diseases. The teenagers, the youngsters who are the future of every nation are falling a prey to these env. Hazards! So if the citizens of a nation are not healthy, how can they contribute towards the betterment of the Nation?About 40% of the deaths worldwide are caused by pollution! The teenagers, the youngsters who are the future of every nation are falling a prey to these env. Hazards! Would you still say that science is being used for better and good purposes???

I do not say that development of science should not take...
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