Science vs. Religion: Who Are We?

Topics: Science, God, Evolution Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Aaron Whitehead
AP English III

Science v. Religion: Who are we?

The debate between science and religion has continued for decades, combining together different ideologies. And, while the topic of science versus religion is not a major argument of modern society, many still beg the question “Who are we?” in regard to our spiritual and evolutionary history. This is true for both scientists, who base their theories on fact, experimentation, and their own observation of the world around them, and those of religious views, who create of basis of how they came to be through the teachings of the Bible and the word of God.

Throughout continuum theories of how we came to be have sprung from all ideologies and have become more widely accepted. Such is fact with the “Big Bang” theory. Most everyone understands its concept- the expansion of space a very long time ago, creating what is today the universe and everything enthralled within it. But this theory still leaves much speculation. In their early years, these theories led to the encapsulation of their theorists for acts of heresy against the church- an action brought on by the closed-mindedness of those in religious constitutions. Today however, it is much harder the argue against these claims, and others such as the theory of evolution, as we see it happening before our very eyes. The reconciliation between those of religious prospects and the scientists that are unsure of religious views is not evident, and the reason for such conflict is the unwillingness for either side to keep an open mind.

Today we live in a world where we see the changes that nature takes to endure the world we have stolen. They take it upon themselves to evolve and adapt to what we have created to better their own society. This is the major view of scientific explanation about our beginnings. Nature has evolved us through the millennia, changing ever so slightly the attributes and features of our bodies as to acclimate to the...
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