Science vs Religion

Topics: Religion, Faith, God Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Science and Religion
Science and religion both have their different own meanings. Science basically deals with the study of nature and how it processes and develops. It is based on the analysis of evidence. Its typically a hypothesis by scientists that processes events that happen or have happened due to natural causes. It has rarely cuts into matters of morality, the existence and nature of god and, spirituality. This exclusion is in a state to how the universe even started. Religion deals more with matters of faith. Its main basis is often disclosure from a god, either exposed to individuals through prayer, passed on from generation to generation, or shown in a sacred text. Most faith groups teach of the existence of one or more gods/or goddesses who created the universe, and continue to play a major role in controlling it to create miracles. The important part of religion is to teach moral principles, mankind’s relationship to the god/goddesses, and behavior towards other human beings. Science is betrothed in searching for universal principles that explain the facts of nature just like religion is. Many people feel very strong about their religious tradition and feel like whatever it is that they believe in is absolutely true no questions asked, whereas science and all other faiths are artificial belief systems, invented by scientific humans. These two differences in attitude usually starts religious conflict, sometimes escalating into something even bigger. In result, different religious traditions go against each other, as well as not agreeing with the findings of science.
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