Science vs Nature

Topics: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Nature, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The Birthmark” was a great story that written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Throughout this era of history, vast development was being made in the region of science and technology, which lead to ground-breaking and tremendous discoveries. It also opened doors to numerous of new branches in the scientific field of research. The scientist, Aylmer, the key character in The Birthmark, attempts to take his experimental study to the maximum of science in a venture to run Nature. Aylmer becomes intensely enchanted in a fight which science opposes nature in an effort to gain control over nature. Aylmer dreadfully tries to generate a world of flawlessness in his flawed world. He engages in the clash of science versus Nature, he thinks his feel affection for science can rival, his wife Georgiana. Aylmer lives and works in a period in which science is relatively new and misunderstood at the time. Science is described in this story as “mystical” and “mysterious”, with proving that the work Aylmer was doing was well thought-out to be a kind of magic or voodoo by the people with no kind of scientific culture. Near the beginning of the story, Aylmer has been impregnated by the idea that crucial perfection has been within reach through science. This becomes the dynamic force following Aylmer’s motives. With his marriage to Georgiana, this driving force of perfection becomes an obsession that takes over his mind. Aylmer loved Georgiana deeply but he could not tolerate her single imperfection. Georgiana was nearly perfect from the hand of Nature, but on her “left cheek there was a single mark, deeply interwoven. This tiny, irrelevant birthmark was so disgusting to Aylmer that he

refused to kiss her on the cheek, or even look at it in daylight. It drove Aylmer mad that his wife was so close to perfection. His mission was to formulate a mixture to remove the birthmark parting his wife as the solitary most perfect being ever formed.

On the other hand,...
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