Science vs. Ethics

Topics: Science, Religion, God Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Science VS Ethics

‘The more science advances, the more religion will decline.’ To what extent do you agree? (2008)

‘Science and religion will always conflict.’ Discuss. (2002)

Should scientific research be dictated by ethical concerns?

Do moral standards impede the progress of science?

‘Science cannot stop while ethics catches up.’ (Elvin Stackman) What is your view?

Do moral judgements compromise the true spirit of scientific inquiry?

Studies of scientists' belief in God


-Many studies have been conducted in the United States and have generally found that scientists are less likely to believe in God than the rest of the population. Precise definitions and statistics vary, but generally about 1/3 are atheists, 1/3 agnostic, and 1/3 believe in God. Belief also varies by field: psychologists, physicists and engineers are less likely to believe in God than mathematicians, biologists and chemists. Doctors in the United States are much more likely to believe in God (76%). Some of the most recent research into scientists' self reported belief in God is discussed by Professor Elaine Howard Ecklund. Some of her most interesting findings were that scientist-believers generally considered themselves "religious liberals" (not fundamentalists), and that their religion did not change the way they did science, but rather the way they reflected on its implications. Ecklund also discusses how there is a stigma against belief in God in the professional science community, which may have contributed to underrepresentation of religious voices in the field. -2009 poll by Pew Research Center found that 33% of American scientists say they believe in God. 48% say they have a religious affiliation, equal to the number who say they are not affiliated with any religious tradition. The survey also found younger scientists to be "substantially more likely than their older counterparts to say they believe in God". Among the surveyed fields, chemists were the...
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