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Topics: Energy, Incandescent light bulb, Water Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: August 30, 2011
Chapter 18 Vocabulary
Energy Efficiency- Percentage of the total energy input that does useful work and is not converted into low-quality, usually useless heat in an energy conversion system or process. See energy quality, net energy.

Incandescent Light Bulb- One largely used devices that uses large amounts of energy, wastes 95% of its energy input of electricity

Internal Combustion Engine- Another device that uses a lot of energy, wastes 75%-80% of the energy in its fuel

Coal-Burning Power Plant- Device that uses a lot of energy, wastes 66% waste

Net Energy- only energy that really counts

Net Energy Efficiency- a measure of the useful energy we get from a resource after subtracting the energy used and wasted to make energy available

Cogeneration- Production of two useful forms of energy, such as high-temperature heat or steam and electricity, from the same fuel source.

Super insulated house- House that is heavily insulated and extremely airtight. Typically, active or passive solar collectors are used to heat water, and an air-to-air heat exchanger is used to prevent buildup of excessive moisture and indoor air pollutants.

Green roof- covered with plants, provide good insulation, absorb storm water, outlast conventional roofs, and make a building more energy efficient

Photovoltaic (PV) cell- Device that converts radiant (solar) energy directly into electrical energy

Solar Cells- used to produce electricity

Hydropower- Electrical energy produced by falling or flowing water

Turbine- produce electricity

Biofuel- Gas or liquid fuel (such as ethyl alcohol) made from plant material (biomass)

Geothermal- Heat transferred from the earth's underground concentrations of dry steam (steam with no water droplets), wet steam (a mixture of steam and water droplets), or hot water trapped in fractured or porous rock.

Micro power Systems- Systems of small-scale decentralized units that generate 1-10,000...
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