Science. Testing for Gases

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Chlorine Pages: 4 (884 words) Published: August 10, 2010
Practical Report: Testing for Gases
Wednesday 28th July. Layla Woolf

Part One: Making and Testing for Hydrogen (H)
Aim- To produce and test for Hydrogen Gas

-5ml Dilute Sulfuric Acid
-2cm strip of Magnesium ribbon (Mg)
-Test tube and rubber stopper
-Test tube rack

1. Place 5ml of sulfuric acid into a test tube.
2. Add the magnesium strip into the acid and immediately place the rubber stopper into the test tube. 3. When the reaction is complete, confirm that the gas produced is hydrogen by removing the rubber stopper and immediately placing a lighted match in the mouth of the test-tube.

From conducting this experiment, we discovered that Magnesium (mg) and sulfuric acid create a highly flammable gas called Hydrogen (H).

Discussion Questions.
1 Draw a diagram of the experiment to show what happened to the magnesium when it was placed into the acid.

2. Describe the appearance of the gas produced.
The gas that was produced appeared to be a misty, foggy liquid. It was a pale yellow colour. The colour change from clear to the pale yellow shows evidence of a chemical reaction due to the permanent colour change.

3. How did you know when the reaction was completed?
We knew the reaction was complete when the Magnesium (mg) was completely dissolved.

4. When testing for hydrogen gas, why does the match need to be place in the mouth of the test-tube as soon as the rubber stopper is removed? We need to place the match in the mouth of the test-tube so that we hear the distinctive pop sound of hydrogen gas.

5. Is this an example of a chemical reaction? What evidence is there? In fufilling this experiment a chemical reaction was created. A permanent colour change has taken place as well as gases produced. Energy was released near the bottom of the test tube.

6. Why would it be dangerous to light a match in a room containing hydrogen gas? Hydrogen is a very flammable gas....
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