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Topics: Seed, Plant, Embryo Pages: 6 (845 words) Published: January 21, 2014
School of the Sacred Heart of San Jose City
2126 Maharlika Road, Abar 1st, San Jose City

A. Y. 2013 - 2014

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ______________________________________________________ Score: _________

I.Check (√ ) the proper ways to take care of plants and cross ( x ) that do not. ________1.Water plants every day.
________2.Don’t loosen the soil.
________3.Let the dried leaves on the plant.
________4.Remove weeds around plant gently.
________5.Avoid picking flowers, leaves and fruits from growing plants. ________6.Keep playing or stepping on newly planted grass.
________7.Place potted plants in an area where they can get enough sunlight. ________8.Place fertilizers on the soil to increase its nutrient content.

II.Write TRUE if the statement tells correct precautionary measures in handling plants and FALSE if not. Write your answer on the blank.

________1.Let the flowers touch your nose when smelling them. ________2.Do not touch plant with sharp-edged leaves.
________3.Use cultivating tools instead of your hands.
________4.Use your bare hands when cutting plants.
________5.Wear proper clothes when gardening.
________6.Stay away from poisonous plants.
________7.Do not touch stem of flowers with thorns.
________8.Use gloves when picking dried leaves of plants.

III.Write YES on the blank if the sentence is correct and NO if it is incorrect.

________1.Burn plants with dried leaves.
________2.Kill plants with thorns.
________3.Transfer plants in containers with their roots.
________4.Place the whole guava leaves on the wounds.

IV.Draw and label three examples of carnivorous plants in the box. ( 6pts. )

V.Write the letter of your answer on the blank.

________1.What is the passing on traits from parents to their offspring? a.Geneticsb. heredityc. DNA
________2.Who discovered the DNA?
a.James Emerson and Francis Bay
b.James Wagner and Francis Husaff
c.James Watson and Francis Crick
________3.What is the fertilized egg of an animal?
a.zygoteb. spermc. metamorphosis
________4.What is the process of union of sperm and egg cell? a.spawningb. fertilizationc. metamorphosis
________5.What are animals that are hatched from eggs?
a.oviparousb. viviparousc. spawning
________6.Which of the animal is a viviparous animal?
a.dogb. birdc. crocodile
________7.What do you call the changes that happen to animal as they grow? a.fertilizationb. metamorphosisc. spawning
________8.What is the true baby plant inside the seed?
a.cotyledonb. seed-coatc. embryo
________9.What is the thin covering of the seed?
a.cotyledonb. seed coatc. embryo
________10.What is the most important interaction shared by all living things in a community? a.sunb. consumerc. food-getting
________11.What is the living thing that makes its own food? a.consumerb. decomposerc. producer
________12.What is the other name for scavengers?
a.detritivoresb. omnivoresc. herbivores

________13.Which of the following is an example of decomposers? a.elephantb. snakec. worms
________14.Which of the following are the secondary consumers? a.herbivoresb. carnivoresc. omnivores

________15.What shows energy in the form of food which is passed on from one organism to another in a community? pyramidb. food chainc. food web

VI.Identify the following animals. Write BA for animals that are born as baby and LE for animals that are laid as eggs. on the blank.

________1.dog_______ 2. shark
________3.cat_______ 4. turtle
________5.birds_______ 6. horse
________ 7. fish_______ 8. cobra
________ 9.crocodile _______ 10. python

VII.Draw a seed and...
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