Science Reflection

Topics: Life, Scientific method, Science education Pages: 18 (1758 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Master of Science in Education
Science K-8

Instructional Plan Template
Focus on Pedagogical Content Knowledge

You will demonstrate pedagogical content knowledge by developing an instructional plan that addresses the content knowledge of your specialization with the appropriate pedagogical strategies to build learners’ comprehension of the knowledge and skills of the selected state and national standards. This plan should not only demonstrate pedagogical content knowledge of your specialization, but it should also include the integration of technology, the use of collecting/analyzing data, and consideration of diverse populations in the given class for which it is designed. Community and school resources and collaboration with parents, community leaders, and other professionals should be included where appropriate.

The instructional plan that you develop in this course will prepare you to complete the Instructional Plan Major Assessment for your MSED Program. This Instructional Plan Template is based on the template you will use to complete your major assessment.

Instructional Plan Template

Candidate’s Name: Lee Hicks     Setting/Grade Level:      3rd Grade

Subject(s): Science      School:      Carver-Lyon Elementary

Date:       April 7, 2013 Theme/Title: Life Cycles     

Composition of Class:Male_7__ Female_7__ ELL___ IEP__1_

|PLANNING | |Learning Outcomes/Goals |     Students will be able to illustrate the life cycle of plants and animals, and identify the stages in the life | |What will students learn? |cycle of one animal and/or plants by illustrating each stage | |Unifying/Common Theme(s) |Which apply: | | |___ Scientific Inquiry | | |_x__ Nature of Science | | |___ Systems and Energy | | |___ Models and Scale | | |___ Patterns of Change | | |___ Form and Function | | |(See course resources.) | |Historical Perspectives |Which apply: | | |___ Displacing the Earth from the Center of the Universe | | |___ Uniting the Heavens and Earth | | |___ Relating Matter & Energy and Time & Space | | |___ Extending Time | | |___ Moving the Continents...
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