Science Project Research Example

Topics: Heat, Temperature, Fahrenheit Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Blake Battogtokh

Period 6
Research Plan

Research Questions:

1. What are the four types of heat transfer?
2. What are the functions of a refrigerator?
3. What are the definitions of each type of heat transfer?
4. Is ice-cold bath the best cooling device to cool a soda?

The goal of the project is to determine which type of cooling device will be effective in cooling a soda. In other words, the effect of cooling devices on soda cans. There will be four types of cooling devices used for the experiment. An ice-only bath with no water added, a freezer chamber, a refrigerator, and an ice-water bath with both ice and water added. This is the independent variables being tested, the four levels of cooling devices. The measuring of temperature in Celsius for Nestea canned sodas (12 oz), recording time, and describing the components of the experiment is the dependent variable. The qualitative variable is based on the description (such as appearance) of each cooling device, whereas the quantitative variable focuses on the measuring and recording the temperature as well as time of each cooling device. The constant starting room temperature (20 degrees Celsius) for the sodas, the same type of soda (Nestea), constant starting time (0.00 seconds) of each cooling device , and same amount of ice (64 ice cubes) used are the constants of the experiment. Room temperature is basically a certain temperature about 20 degrees Celsius to which humans are accustomed. There are four experimental groups. Group number one will consist of ice-only bath (-10 degrees Celsius), group number two will consist of freezer compartment (-18 degrees Celsius), group number three will consist of refrigerator (4 degrees Celsius), and group number four will consist of ice-water bath (0 degrees Celsius). Lastly, the soda cans in room temperature will be the control group. This group is separated from the rest of the experiment.

If ice-water bath is a highly efficient cooling device, then...

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