Science Meets Real Life

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Pseudoscience Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: November 4, 2013
There is no mistaking it - the benefits from science are all around us. It has made our daily lives better through medicine, healthcare, technological, electrical and even mechanical innovation. If you are reading this paper on a computer, it is science that made it all possible. Understanding the many complexities of science can be quite a difficult undertaking, however, there is a common denominator that all scientists use in achieving the amazing results that they achieve; they use the scientific method. The scientific method allows scientists to utilize a common approach to address the requirements of the scientific community. These techniques allow other scientists, as well as just the layman, to know that there has been a standardized system applied to the scientific process. I will present a brief example of what the scientific method is and how to apply it to a real life issue. I have just arrived at home after a late night at work. I begin walking up to my front door and observe that the front porch light is not on. "That is interesting", I think to myself, "I wonder what it could be?" I begin to gather other information. I notice that there are lights on in my neighbor's house as well as a light being on in my own house in the kitchen. This tells me that there is not a power outage in my neighborhood. I open my front door and flip the interior light switch on and off; still the light does not come on. I begin to form a hypothesis that the reason the light will not come on is because the light bulb is blown. I make my way to the lit kitchen, open a drawer that has extra light bulbs, and grab a new bulb. I head back out to the front porch now. At this time, I am going to test my hypothesis by swapping out the supposedly blown bulb with the brand new bulb. I change the bulb, and one flick of the interior light switch, and viola, the porch light comes on. I now analyze the bulb in my hand, and sure enough, there is a black...

References: Trefil, James, & Hazen, Robert M. (2010). The Sciences An Integrated Approach. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (n.d.). VITRUVIAN MAN. Retrieved on 03/06/2012, from (Cover page).
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