Science Making Real World Connections Education Standards

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Making Real-World Connections
Science education in the 21st century provides opportunities for teachers to connect the knowledge and skills of the science academic content standards to their students’ real world. Students’ worlds can be as close as the inside of their home to as far away as the other side of the world through use of the Internet. Real-world connections are as diverse as understanding what generates the energy of a sports car, discovering the depths of the sea, to exploring the vastness of space. The world of science is changing. All learners - children and adults - are flooded with data that must be absorbed, filtered and organized and then used to make informed decisions. Showing learners how to navigate their way through data, discern valid and reliable information, and render the data useful requires a deliberate and concerted effort. In the past, learners with rich agricultural backgrounds came to school with firsthand knowledge of life cycles, cycles of the moon, topography and simple machines. Today, the challenge lies in providing enriching experiences for those students lacking opportunities related to science and connecting each student’s background to a meaningful classroom experience. Teachers who know how to motivate students, who know how to connect the content to the student’s world, can succeed in raising students’ science academic achievement. Connections made through application of science knowledge, skills and effective classroom instruction can contribute to the goal of narrowing the achievement gap and improving students’ academic success. It may be an educator’s challenge, at any level, to provide learning opportunities that ignite students’ enthusiasm for science. Students can play an active role in learning when science inquiry and investigation occurs both in and outside the classroom. Links to the student’s own experiences will strengthen the connections between the classroom and life outside the classroom. Such active...

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