Science Gone Wrong

Topics: Cloning, Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: January 27, 2015
Mackenzie Drury
Mrs. Berry/Mrs. Carpenter
English Literature 12
10 December 2014
Science Gone Wrong
Have scientific technology and developments gone too far? For a question like this, everyone would have a different opinion. New scientific achievements have been a great step forward for mankind. However, even though everyone is excited about cloning humans and being able to teleport, there would still be a risk that it may all go too far; all of these experiments can turn from a good idea for helping people into something that could change the world into a bad place if the technology got into the wrong hands. One of the main scientific breakthroughs over the last few years has been the ability to clone animals. Genetically-modified foods have made a big impact in the news lately. New scientific technologies like robots are starting to take over jobs that humans are capable of doing. Science can go too far because some experiments are morally wrong and go beyond many beliefs. So what is science’s next step, to replace the thinkers of the world?

With so many enhancements in medical science, cloning is slowly but surely looking like it could be in the near future. However, is it really an option that should be considered as a way to extend human life? There are a number of negatives involved with reproductive cloning. According to, “95% of animal cloning has ended in failure due to genetic defects, and cloning is considered unsafe because of it” (Quinonez). Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelley goes along very well with the statement that science can go too far. In the book Victor Frankenstein created a monster that he later regretted creating him. Many believe that cloning is against God’s wishes because the clones would be created by man. Man would be playing God and create people that are unable to feel and empathize. There is also the belief that these clones would be created without a soul. Whatever peoples view on...
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