Science Friction Lab Report

Topics: Force, Classical mechanics, Friction Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: March 26, 2013
I. Purpose/Problem/Question
Which type of friction is the largest force – static, sliding, or rolling? Which is the smallest?

II. Background Information
From our previous activities that we did in class, I know that static friction is a very large force. The force is larger than rolling, sliding, and fluid friction. I also learned that rolling friction is the smallest type of force. This information may connect to my final analysis.

III. Hypothesis
If static friction is the largest force, then either sliding or rolling friction have to be the smallest force.

IV. Experiment
* Scissors
* String
* Textbook (covered)
* Spring scale (force meter)
* 3 to 4 wooden or metal rods

Cut a piece of string, and tie it in a loop that fits in the textbook. Hook the string to the spring scale. Practice the three steps several times before you collect data. To measure next the static friction between the book and the table, pull the spring scale very slowly. Record the largest force on the scale before the book starts to move. After the book begins to move, you can determine the sliding friction. Record the force required to keep the book sliding at a slow, constant speed. Place two or three rods under the book to act as rollers. Make sure the rollers are evenly spaced. Place another roller in front of the book so that the book will roll onto it. Pull the spring scale slowly, Measure the force needed to keep the book rolling at a constant speed.

V. Data/Results
| Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Average|
Static Friction | 4 N| 7 N| 6 N| 5.67 N|
Rolling Friction| 1 N| 2 N| 1 N| 1.33 N|
Sliding Friction| 4 N| 4 N| 5 N| 4.33 N|

Experimental Error: No cover on textbook.

VI. Analysis
I found out that static friction has the most amount of force than the others. The smallest amount of force was the rolling friction. It was by far a smaller force than static friction. Static friction had an average...
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