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Topics: Science fiction, Fiction, Scientific method Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: April 2, 2013
List some items from the story that can be found now. List some items from the story that can be found in the future. Some items that can be found now are computers. Some things that can be found in the future are super computers, like EPICAC. Do you think that the author accurately describes scientific principles in the novel? Why or why not? I think the author did a good job on describing the scientific principles because the story had advanced technology. Explain the characters involvement in the plot and story line. I think the characters’ are important in the story because firstly, the narrator loved Pat and wanted to marry her. This led to the importance of EPICAC who wrote five – hundred poems for the “immortal” human who was “destined” to marry Pat. Are there any characters in the story who are different from those in other genres? The only character that I think is different from those in other genres is the computer EPICAC. That is because the characters Pat and the narrator can be any loving couple in any other genre. Does the plot focus on a particular area of science or scientific principle? Explain. Yes, the story focuses on supercomputing.

Do you think the conflict of this story is real or fictional? Provide examples. I think the story is fictional because today, we have no technology that developed feelings like EPICAC had. Why is this book considered sci – fi?

This story is considered to be sci fi because it is based on advanced technology and is related to science. Do you think this novel is good sci fi text, based on the definition? I think this is a good novel based on the definition because It makes advances in technology.
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