Science Fair

Topics: Baseball, Pitcher, Science Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Dylan Missel
Cass 2nd block
Science Fair Conclusion
Baseball vs. Aerodynamics Conclusion
For Science Fair, Steven Bowman, my partner, and I decided to test which mass baseball would travel farther when launched from a pitching machine. We decided to use three different types of baseballs. We used an official baseball, a tee-ball (rubber ball), and a plastic, hollow ball (wiffle ball). Before we started the experimentation we researched all the theories that were involved in the experiment. Aerodynamics played a key role in the experiment because based on how the air traveled along the outside of the ball can cause it to many sorts of things while in the air. The seams were a main factor with the baseball because the seams can disrupt airflow and cause spin to evolve on an around the ball. After researching we began experimentation.

We conducted the research by having seventeen trials for each ball. We would start by putting the ball through the machine and seeing how far it would travel. We repeated the step seventeen times for each ball. After each attempt we recorded the distance it traveled in meters. The results that we got are as followed: the average distance the official baseball traveled was 9.3 meters, the average distance the tee-ball (rubber ball) traveled was 8.4 meters, and the average distance the plastic, hollow ball (wiffle ball) traveled was 6.2 meters. After reviewing the results, we can conclude that the official baseball traveled farther than the other baseballs. This confirms my hypothesis which was if the baseballs were put through the machine correctly, than the official baseball would travel farther than the other baseballs.

In today’s world baseball is a crucial part in entertainment society. Both players and fans are paying large amounts for baseball accessories. I believe that our testing can help baseball players understand the game better. By realizing that how aerodynamics affects the balls pitchers can throw better more...
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