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Topics: Taste, Olfaction, Food Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: May 4, 2013
I wanted to find out: If you could smell instead of tasting actual food. I read about: People smelling food and they could actually taste it. I (did): I had people smell food and they could actually taste the food like they were eating it. I found out: You can smell instead of tasting the actual food. Next time I will: Try to find if you can taste instead of smelling switch it around try new things.

Topic: Investigate the influence of smell on taste.
What is your control group: Smell; Taste.
What do you want to see happen (Independent Variable): Effect of smell on taste. What are you doing differently (Dependent Variable): Smelling instead of tasting.

I believe: I can investigate the influence of smell on taste. I believe this because:

1) You can smell things and imagine how they taste.
2) You can eat things and see how they smell while eating. 3) Smell and tasting are related in one way I can relate to.

1) People ( Four or less/more)
2) Noses ( To smell)
3) Food ( never tasted and/or tasted)
4) Mouths (To see if you smelled correctly or incorrectly.)

1) Person gathers food of choice
2) You get self ready to smell
3) Try to imagine taste
4) Make sure you have/haven’t tried
5) Then try or eat food and see if you imagined right

My hypothesis was: you can smell food and taste it without actually tasting it. My hypothesis was correct/incorrect. I know because my data shows me that: My hypothesis was correct I know because my data shows me that, the four people could taste without actually tasting it, and I was surprised that it actually really worked. I thought it wasn’t but it really did. Therefore I now know that: You can smell food and taste it without actually tasting it physically.
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