Science Exhibition

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Science exhibition
Exhibitors are responsible for designing their exhibition stand. The exhibit should be engaging for a non-scientific visitor and include associated interactive activities. Most exhibits are a standard size of 3m x 3m, or 4m x 2m. The Society can advise and help with basic equipment hire (poster boards, tables and chairs). Representatives of each exhibit should attend the Planning Day at the Society in late January. At this event the Society provides guidance on designing exhibits and gives a guided tour of the exhibition space. Some exhibitors from the previous year also attend. Exhibitors are expected to approach their own institution, research council or other relevant bodies to fund the costs associated with exhibiting. The Society can give advice about funding and can provide post-exhibition evaluation data which is often required by funding bodies. A very limited 'hardship fund' is available for exhibitors to apply for additional funds. Exhibitors may wish to jointly submit proposals with their collaborators and other research groups. You may also recruit undergraduates and students to build your exhibit team. At least four members of the exhibition team should be in attendance during the public opening times for the exhibition and at the two additional evening events. We recommend having at least 8 members of staff to man each stand per day. Visitors expect to interact with the scientists behind the research and to ask them questions about their work. After the exhibition, the exhibitors may consider presenting the exhibit elsewhere, such as local science centre’s or science museums, local visitor attractions or public venues, local secondary school fairs or open days at research institutions.

The Summer Science Exhibition Committee selects exhibits based on: 1. The quality and cutting-edge nature of the science: The science on show should be ground-breaking and of potential interest to the media. 2. The potential for...
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