Science Editorial

Topics: Human body, Earth, Blood Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Science Editorial

Science - A word that has an infinite amount of possibilities. Science has changed over the decades, centuries even, but in my perspective, science is still the same thing. It is the connection between everything around us. People, animals, plants, the past, the future and even the simple piece of paper you threw away. Science is a vast topic with endless facts and theories, which a great number of people have thought of in the past and will think about in the future. Science motivates us, a reason to keep going and to explore the world around us. All the facts and beliefs about science is important as every mistake we made, we learn a bit more knowledge than before. Science is important to me because it is basically how I interact with the world, an example of which, after learning about the human body, I understood how males and female differ a bit more than I used to. Science affects us in every way possible, at home, in Winnipeg, in Canada and even the whole world. The world our ancestors lived in is long gone and has drastically changed in area, population and other various things. Their belief about the Earth being flat has been proven wrong, the Egyptian belief their god travelled every morning and night carrying the sun, other planets have been spotted besides our own Earth, all in all; theories have been proven true yet others have been said to be false. The effect science has brought us since then is change. As our science improved, we uncovered pieces of the world’s past and possible futures. Some past facts or beliefs; the Earth was born to what was known as the Big Bang Theory, and our continents used to be known as one giant super continent called Pangaea. The effect of science has gradually changed our way of thinking and increased our potentials. In my neighborhood, science is diverse. The children recycling in school and helping pick up trash helps our community stay clean and even bigger, helps lessen pollution around...
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