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Name of student: Damneek Kaur

Registration Number: 10902563

Roll Number: RA1902A03

Section Number: A1902

Academic Year: 2012-13

Name and Signature of faculty advisor / mentor: Jyoti Jalan

Name and Signature of Thesis Coordinator: Ar. Manish Singh.

Name and Signature of HOD: Ar.Narinderjit Kaur

Name and Signature of DOD: Dr. Rupinder Singh

Name and Signature of HOS: Dr. Rupinder Singh

This is to certify that Damneek Kaur bearing Registration no.10902563 has completed Dissertation titled, “Idea of Urbanisation through Courtyards” under my guidance and supervision. To the best of my knowledge, the present work is the result of her original investigation and study. No part of the dissertation has ever been submitted for any other degree at any University.

The dissertation is fit for submission and the partial fulfillment of the conditions for the award of Review

Jyoti Jalan
Lovely Professional University
Phagwara, Punjab.

Date : 01/12/2012


I, Damneek Kaur , student of B.Architecture under Department of Architecture of Lovely Professional University, Punjab, hereby declare that all the information furnished in this dissertation project report is based on my own intensive research and is genuine. This dissertation does not, to the best of my knowledge, contain part of my work which has been submitted for the award of my degree either of this university or any other university without proper citation.

Date: 01/12/2012 Damneek Kaur Registration No. 10902563

Table of Contents

Title ___________________________________________________________________ 1 Certificate______________________________________________________________ 2 Declaration______________________________________________________________3 Table of Contents_________________________________________________________4 Abstract________________________________________________________________5 Argument Formulation____________________________________________________6 Relation of courtyard with urbanism_________________________________________7 Courtyard as a urban development resource___________________________________8 Low Rise High density___________________________________________________9 Charles Correa Perception________________________________________________10 * Calculating Correa’s Densities_______________________________________11 * Comparing with Raj Rewal Projects and DDA housing___________________ 12 Conclusion___________________________________________________________ 13 Biblography___________________________________________________________14

This research is conducted to examine the impact on urbanization through the concept of courtyard spaces in developing countries. The research also shows that there is dramatic change in the neighborhood due to urbanization where courtyards have been converted into rooms. This can be explained by the theories and projects of famous Architect Charles Correa and the effects of the theories on the urban society. The reader will get to know about the importance of open spaces by understanding the low rise urban housing projects of Charles Correa.

Argument Formulation
The reason why I am interested in courtyard is not because of light and ventilation issues but more importantly it enhances the traditional and cultural values of the third world countries like India. Open spaces has vital importance in the urban dwelling where it can make difference between the livable habitat and the low income groups. These spaces have a crucial importance to the poorest inhabitants like squatters. As a third world country’s population continues to grow, it struggles with the problem of providing housing to people with a...

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