Science Ban or Boon

Topics: RFID, Invention, Technology Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: November 17, 2011
The world of communication has become so vast and sophisticated thanks to information technology. The creation of mobile phones, computers and the monstrous network commonly known as the internet allow people to keep in touch around the globe which is a blessing for many individuals separated from their family due to working purposes or studies. During the last decades, the medical field has been witnessing many modifications brought about by the latest technologies to cure people with more efficiency and accuracy. LATEST NEWS………In the past destroying tumerous cells without damaging the surroundings and producing side effects was a challenging aim for many doctors. Nevertheless, after the invention of infra-red apparatus and the ‘nanoshells’, this has become a child’s play. The nanoshells are microscopic silica particles coated with gold that sticks to the cancerous cells. Moreover, scanning an unborn baby from the mother’s womb is today a reality. As made obvious by latest observations, we should admit that information technology has invaded the life of each and everyone. All the daily routine depends on sophisticated electronic kits. As picturised in the science fiction movie ‘I. Robots’, it was made crystal clear that it’ll happen a day where Man’s inventions would like to conquer humanity, would revolt and revenge. If such day happens it would be terrible to every single individual. Then, who should we blame science and technology or the scientists themselves? In the same line of thought, it should not be forgotten that the invention of so many machines will make unemployment reach its higher level. Moreover, massive destruction caused by biological weapons will definitely blame the new technology. Furthermore, the introduction of the newly invented system of RFID commonly known as Radio Frequency Identification in supermarket would greatly help in time saving. ALTHOUGH, science and technology have immensely helped in improving the way of communication...
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