Science and Technology

Topics: Blood, Scientist, Science Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Scientists do lots of researches in their field everyday and discover many solutions to world's problem. Recently in china, researchers have found the way of removing the clog inside the body tissue without physically touching it. This technique relies on the tool called optical tweezers which directly laser the clog and blood can easily pass through the blood vessel. This experiment was carried out on a live mouse and this is the first time scientists have externally manipulate the internal part of living creature. This invention can lead to expand the biological and medical hope for the world and also help to clear the clog of the artery in the future. Nothings in this world last forever. Every living creature has its existence period to survive but existence of technology has proved it false these days. Once abundant in North America, passenger pigeon were haunted for existence by 1914 when the last one of their kind, Martha, was found dead in Cincinnati zoo. But existence of technology never loses hope, some group of scientist has planned to extract DNA from the museum and regenerate the life of this species of bird. Ben Novak, a former DNA technician and Beth Shapiro, scientist from University of California has planned to create a genome and compare it with the closest living relative of passenger bird. Technologies never stop to encounter to its best. In 2007, Robert wood, founder of Havard's micro robotics lab became the first person with the fly size and flapping wings flying robots, Robobees. They can help in searching, rescuing and pollination. Robobees have high resolution one eye camera which can monitor and capture continues picture and store in its memory. Robobees are the size smaller than fingernails which can travel through a smallest path. It is a five year project involving biologist, engineers and computer experts.
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