Science and Technology

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Artificial intelligence Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Nowadays, the development of science and technology is very rapid. These few years, there are numerous of reproduced animals. Genetic engineering is widely used. It seems that the scientific methods will allow people to modify the genes of their babies in the coming future.

If I could choose how my child to be, health should be the most important area. The child should not be handicapped, otherwise he might feel inconvenience in his life. His proper growth will also be hindered. Besides, he should have no hereditary diseases, such as diabetes or obesity.

Besides a healthy body, I would like my child to have good emotional control, including EQ and AQ. EQ is the control of sentiment while AQ is the ability to face adversity. If my child has high EQ and AQ, he can develop a positive mind of life and become optimistic.

Actually, having the right to choose their own child is the dream of many parents. Once they are allowed to do so, they will be satisfied with their children. As a result, relationship between parents and children can be improved.

For the society, genetic engineering can help to extend people’s life as the organ of the baby can be transited to the one who need it. Furthermore, many intelligent children can be produced through genetic engineering and so the society will be more developed. Finally, people can have higher living standard.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, genetic engineering also brings about us many negative effects. It is an interference with nature. Making birth should be done by parents, but not scientists. Parents love their children is an unchangeable rule as it is based on natural emotion. Therefore, it is unnecessary for people to choose their child.

Besides, a child is not a robot. It is a human being, having it’s own thinking and emotion and so should be respected. However, genetic engineering allows people to choose their babies, mass production of children may also resulted. People...
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