Science and society

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Social sciences Pages: 2 (878 words) Published: November 6, 2014

It has been argued that contemporary science is socially (re)contextualised, with porous boundaries between institutions of science and those of wider society, and open to public dialogue. Describe how these claims apply to ONE of the five issues below and assess how the prevailing social conditions of science affect scientists' performance on those selected issues: 3. proposals for upstream public engagement in science, specifically uncertain and contested science Intro

According to …… has moved away from being simply a production of knowledge, science motivated for the creation of knowledge for knowledge sake into a mode 2 science with consists of turning science into an multidisciplinary production of knowledge. Science now based off the idea of getting funding for real life application of the science tey intend to study. Due to this new Mode 2 science we are experancing , the lines between science and the oter world have been blured. Gibbons and colleagues argued that a new form of knowledge production began emerging in the mid-20th century that was context-driven, problem-focused and interdisciplinary. It involved multidisciplinary teams that worked together for short periods of time on specific problems in the real world. Gibbons and his colleagues labelled this "mode 2" knowledge production. He and his colleagues distinguished this from traditional research, labelled "mode 1", which is academic, investigator-initiated and discipline-based knowledge production. Limoges (1996:14-15) wrote that - We now speak of 'context-driven' research, meaning 'research carried out in a context of application, arising from the very work of problem solving and not governed by the paradigms of traditional disciplines of knowledge. John Ziman drew a similar distinction between academic science and post-academic science in his 2000 book Real Science (Cambridge). In 2001 Helga Nowotny, Peter Scott and Michael Gibbons published Re-thinking science: knowledge in an...
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