Science and religion

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 Science and Religion

Name : Hiren Ahir

TOPIC : Science & Religion

Specific purpose : To Understand how science and religion
relate with each other 


I The relationship between science and religion has been a classic study of Antiquity since ages which is addressed by Philosophers, Theologians, scientist and others.

II Talking about the difference Science acknowledges reasons and evidence while religion includes faith and sacredness.

III I would like to ask you guys a question that how many of you guys believe in Charles Darwin theory of evolution and how many of you believe that it was almighty God who created each and everyone of us.


Showing similarity

I Despite there are many difference between Science and religion. Most of the scientific inovation found were inspired by reading religious book like Bible, Bhagwad Geeta , Khuran etc


I It's illustrated in Bhagwad Geeta that Lord Ravan kidnaped Goddess Sita and flewed away which made people to think that there can be something which can fly so the invention of Airplane was inspired  II Even in the 19th Century christain community welcomed the scientist that claimed that science was not all the discovers the ultimate nature reality

Surveys conducted on this Topic

Many studies are conducted in the United States and have generally found that Scientist are more likely to believe in God than the common people 

I In the year 1916 a survey was conducted by the American man of science in which the result that they obtain was 41.5% believed that God existed and 41.8% disbelieved and 16.7% had doubt and didn't know !

II When the same study was replicated after 80years in the year 1996 the result that they obtain was 39.8% believed that God existed and 45.3% disbelieved and 14.5 had doubt 

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