Science and Religion

Topics: Experiment, Science, Stanford prison experiment Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Colin Via
REL 102
Dr. Duffy

What is Science?

The term ‘science’ has many different definitions and components that are used to define the term. Most people however can all agree that science is gathered knowledge about the universe through observations and experimentations. When I think of the word ‘science’ I think of men in white laboratory coats with wild hair going in every-which direction and carrying beaker glasses full of liquids that have smoke coming out of the top. Now what I just described is more of the mad scientist look but the truth is is that there are countless individuals in this world that either work in a pharmaceutical company, some large corporation, or just a high school science lab, all of which dress and perform experiments in this way. The point I’m trying to make is that scientists come in all different shapes and sizes. One does not have to go to a prestigious university to have to become a scientist, although it is helpful. If I wanted a first hand account of what science was then my first step would be to think of a prompt for argument. Say, for example, I was to believe that red-shelled M&Ms were thicker and stronger than blue-shelled M&Ms and I wanted to find a way to test this theory. First of all I would have to gather some M&Ms for the experiment. Next, I would place a single M&M at a time in between a pair of tweezers that had a pressure bar attached to see how much force is being applied everything the tweezers close and the shell begins to crack. After doing this experiment over and over until I felt confident I had a large enough sample size, I concluded that the blue-shelled M&Ms were stronger than the red. Now say over people get the same idea as me and try the same exact procedure out as well. If their findings prove to match up with mine, and were talking trial after trial, and every single person keeps getting the same results as me, my findings can be turned into a law or rule....
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