Science and Pseudoscience

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Experiment Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Science and Pseudoscience
Science is a scope of human activity which function is development and theoretical systematization of objective knowledge of reality; one of the forms of social consciousness. In a more short, science is the search for interconnections between objectively existing things. For example, structure of a nature is objective. Despite it is discovered or not, it has existed and will exist, because it is an objective law. So finding the objective laws and the accumulation of knowledge is a subject of the science. The basis of science is the experimental knowledge, and it should always make generalizations. Scientists do not just come up with new inventions, but on the basis of some methods that based on the baggage of previous knowledge, allow them to use these methods to obtain new knowledge. For example, there is a theory of inductive science, which goes from the specific experiments to generalizations. Any experiment should be such that any scientist at any time could repeat this experiment. Repeatability is one of the main attributes of science. When system fallacy presented under the semblance of the theory, it is called pseudoscience. Unfortunately, this word is often used by pseudoscientists to denigrate genuine scientific achievements, for example, trying to hang a label of pseudoscience to such branches of science cybernetics, molecular biology, genetics, and the theory of relativity. One of the main features of pseudoscience is non-reproducibility. This means that we cannot make an experiment. The second feature - pseudoscientists usually do not expound how their results of work were obtained. If you do not know the details of the experiment, it cannot be reproduced.
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