Science and Man

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Technology Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Science and Man

Science has played an important role in this society. We know that man is a curious creature since in the beginning that God created him. Also, we know that God gave the man knowledge to rule over the Garden of Eden. But also, we know that the man was seeking more knowledge. Adam and Eve wanted to be like God. With this in Mind, we can understand that it is natural for man to think beyond his imagination. What drives human beings to seek scientific knowledge of the world? We will take a look at what drove Victor Frankenstein to seek more knowledge.

“Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, the protagonist of her work, Victor Frankenstein is an ambitious young scholar who discovers how to bestow animation upon lifeless matter”(p.231). Victor certainly is seek an ambitious. The main reason that causes him to follow his dream is that he has the capacity to create a new creation, “I possessed the capacity of bestowing animation.” (231) Victor, as many other scientific individual, does not doubt that their desire in seek more knowledge might fail. The human imagination is too much exalted for a blind human’s eye to see the reality of the consequences of their acts. I am a Christian and as a Christian I believe that God is the almighty King that gives people knowledge. Also, God gave man the ability to choose between right and wrong. Victor Frankenstein is vivid example of someone who wanted to seek more knowledge that God gave him. If we seek beyond our imagination, the consequences are going to be disastrous because usually these ambiguous scientists do not think about the consequences of their acts.

What make scientific to seek knowledge of the world? We know that by natural man is curios. Man wants to explore the unknown. The exploration of our planet, universe, sea and space are consequences of the mind’s curiosity. If people did not have curiosity, America would not have been discovered, we wouldn’t have the high level of technology...
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