Science and Its Features

Topics: Information technology, Modern history, Science Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Education increases knowledge. It cannot be stolen or it cannot be destroyed. Education also rises the standard of the living of people. It brings all round development of the people.

Education is obtained through different arts and science degrees. Our modern age is described as computer age. A few decades computerscience in the field of education has started in India. Recently a new branch came into existence with development of a new technology. This new technology is information technology.
It is the one which has given the modern world a new life and a new definition. It includes both the computer science and communication field. Hence it includes all modern technologies. It imparts knowledge on mobile technology, robots, long distance communication. These technologies have been existing for a long time but information technology alone has given the full development and revolutionised them.

Information technology in the field of education is a great boon as it gives job openings in multinational companies and in way it strengthens the financial infrastructure of our country. According to recent statistics, most of the job openings in India and abroad are all in the IT field. Many young students are attracted to and have opted IT field and gives momentum which helps for the spread of education in every nook and corner of the country. IT students are paid huge packages of salary with good benefits. It helps to increase the standard of life of people. It paves way for earning more foreign currency which can stabilise the economy of our country.

Greater the expansion of education, broader shall be the framework of national knowledge share and consequently higher the levels of creation and application of that knowledge, for the benefit of all. The IT industry is the...
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