Science: Advantages & Disadvantages

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Scientific revolution Pages: 5 (1920 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Science – Its Advantages and Disadvantages
One of the striking features of 20 century is the progress of is no section oh human society in which science has not brought revolution. But still the term is debated among the conscious people that whether science is blessing or it is a curse for humanity. The facts, which are drawn by systematic study, are applied practically for the welfare of mankind or for the destruction of humanity. For example a gun in the hand of a guard is used for the safety purposes but the same gun in the hand of a terrorist may take the life of many products of science. It is up to the human beings how they utilize them. Let us discuss how science serves humanity and how it is harmful for it.

Blessing of Science

Blessings of science are numerous. Science has completely changed the living style of man. Now man is living in a totally 18 century. From home to office, from farm to factory, form village to town, in short everywhere in life now we can see the unlimited blessing of science. At home, we find that science has provided many comforts to the human beings. Whether it is kitchen, lounge, shaker, chopper, toaster and many other appliance have brought a revolution in the working of a kitchen and a housewife. Although it is a fact that science can not fight with fate and it often fails to defeat nature yet it has done a lot to minimize the disastrous effects of nature. Scientists have invented such machines like air conditioner and heater that can give comfort to the man in hot summers and in extreme winters respectively. Now there are such instruments, which can warn man against floods, earthquakes and windstorm. After getting such warnings human beings are able to take preventive measures. Travelling and transportation were very difficult and paining in the past but now the miracles of science have made the travelling a luxury. Now there are variety of means of transportation like buses, cars, trains and aero-planes that have decreased the distances and have made the journey a comfort. Now hundreds of people can travel from own country to the other country in one train or in one aero-plane. The distance that could be covered by the people in the months and years can be covered in hours and days. The department of health is another important sector where we find science a real blessing. The discovery of many useful drugs and find science a real blessing. The discovery of many useful dugs and the invention of the new methods of treatment have now revolutionized the whole field. In the days of past epidemic cost millions of lives. If an epidemic broke out there was no effective remedy of it except death of the victim. Village after village and city appliances have made it easy to detect the causes of a disease. Scientific researches and experiments helped a lot to invent new methods of surgery and operation. Now laser is used for the treatment of many diseases. In the field of surgery, it is now not difficult for the surgeons to implant a new heart and new blood in the body of a patient. New parts can also be fixed now in place of disfigured and mutilated parts of the body. With the help of surgery cosmetic surgery has also been introduced to make those people beautiful who are not satisfied with their appearances or for those who have been the victim of any accident or some mishap. Genetic engineering has also shown miraculous and strange success. The advantages of science are certainly numerous; we are living in an age, which is relatively safe as compared to past. We have overcome many difficulties, which were gigantic problems, in the past The forces of nature have been controlled and utilized for the serving of humanity. Winds, water currents, and sea tides are used for producing electricity. Electric appliances are now the part of our life. They benefit us individually and collectively. We are so used to them that with power break down we become disgusted and uneasy. Electricity is...
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