Science 8

Topics: Classical mechanics, Force, Mass Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: July 22, 2014

(8th Grade – Candid Puffin)

Name: _____________________ Date: ________________

A. Identification. Identify the law/concept that explains each of the given phenomena. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. A – Law of Inertia
B – Law of Acceleration
C – Law of Interaction

_____ 1. Recoil of a gun when fired
_____ 2. Two men find a car harder to push than a tricycle
_____ 3. A body moves backward when a motorcycle starts to move forward. _____ 4. A cigarette vendor moves forward after jumping off from a jeepney. _____ 5. Two reacting forces between a pen and a paper when writing _____ 6. Use of seatbelt as a safety measure

_____ 7. The harder you dribble a basketball, the higher it bounces. _____ 8. A magician pulls a tablecloth out from under dishes & glasses on a table without disturbing them. _____ 9. A picture hanging on a wall and does not move.

_____ 10. A heavy table is easier to move when 5 people are pushing it compared to only 2 people.

B. Fill Me Up. Fill up the following with the needed information to make the sentence complete.

1. ______________ is the force on a body due to gravity.
2. ______________ is the quantity of matter a body contains. 3. Forces that may result from direct physical contact between two objects are called ______________. 4. ______________ is the force of attraction between two objects. 5. The ______________ holds the constituents of the nucleus of an atom together. 6. The ______________ plays a role in the radioactive decay of some nuclei. 7. In his book ______________, Isaac Newton acknowledged his debt to Galileo. 8. ______________ is the property of a body that tends to resist a change in its state of motion. 9.10. Acceleration is ______________ proportional to the force applied and ______________ proportional to the mass of the object.


A. The Fault in the Sentence. Spot the...
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