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Indian scientists are famous throughout the world. They have pioneered several significant scientific discoveries so far. Since the ancient period, India is considered as one of the scientific powerhouses in the world. Thus, this country has been scientifically advanced for several centuries now and the Indian scientists have made numerous path-breaking discoveries in the field of science. The various fields in which the Indian scientists have excelled include mathematics, warfare, geometry, astronomy, medicine, space science, physics, chemistry, botany, etc.

The astonishing inventions of the Indian scientists have played a vital role in the overall development of the country. They have also made India proud with their scientific achievements and many of the Indian scientists have also received some prestigious international awards as well. The discoveries of the Indian scientists have been appreciated all over the world.

Science and technology initiatives have always been encouraged in India. The Indian scientists have so far introduced numerous unique ideas in the field of science since the ancient period. They have studied many inventions and discoveries that are believed to be originated in the Western world but were studied in India, several centuries earlier. The Indian scientists are considered as some of the brightest talents the country has ever produced.

Indian Scientists in Ancient Era
It is a true fact that since the ancient age Indian people possessed great scientific acquaintance which they applied for the profit of community. The Vedic sciences are considered as the richest and most comprehensive science of ancient India. The Vedic sciences comprise various branches such as medicine, space science, astronomy, mathematics and there were several Indian scientists who studied and enhanced Vedic sciences. Aryabhatta I, Charaka, Sushruta and Panini were some of the eminent scientists of the...
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