Science 14 Assignment: Understanding Matter Quiz

Pages: 4 (526 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Science 14 Assignment: Understanding Matter

1. The item that provides the most information about a chemical is the A. Materials Safety Data Sheet
B. WHMIS symbol
C. label
D. colour of the chemical
2. The appropriate HHPS symbol for a substance that is extremely corrosive is

3. The household product that should have the HHPS danger, poisonous symbol on its label is A. vinegar
B. baking soda
C. detergent
D. toilet bowl cleaner
4. Write out the words for the following acronyms.
5. Write the letter of the WHMIS symbol beside its meaning.
__________ Materials causing other toxic effects
__________ Flammable and combustible material
__________ Corrosive material
__________ Materials causing immediate and serious toxic effects __________ Compressed gas
__________ Biohazardous infectious material
__________ Dangerously reactive material
__________ Oxidizing material

6. Write the letter of the HHPS symbol beside the correct word description. ________ Danger explosive
________ Danger poisonous
________ Caution explosive
________ Warning poisonous
________ Caution poisonous
________ Warning flammable
________ Caution flammable
________ Danger flammable
________ Warning corrosive
________ Danger corrosive
________ Caution corrosive
________ Warning explosive

7. Which statement is true about particles in ice and in boiling water? A. Particles are the same.
B. Particles are just as far apart in each state.
C. Particles are moving faster in ice than in boiling water. D. Particles are further apart in ice than in boiling water. 8. Water at 110°C is a
A. gas
B. liquid
C. solid
D. plasma
9. Which is a physical property of a substance?
A. It is flammable.
B. It is odourless.
C. It is corrosive to skin.
D. It explodes when a spark is present.
10. Which substance does not take the shape of its container? A. water
B. air
C. gasoline
D. ice
11. The freezing point of a...
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