SCI203 Phase 2 Lab Report

Topics: Evolution, Bear, Arctic Pages: 4 (563 words) Published: July 13, 2015

SCI203 Phase 2 Lab Report
Sharon Patton
June 1, 2015
Colorado Technical University

The purpose of this lab is to explain what would happen if a species were split into two groups by an earthquake, creating a physical barrier between the two groups. Showing how the formation of a new species can evolve. Introduction

Speciation is when a species is created from the splitting of a species. In other words if a group of a certain species is separated say by an earthquake, the group that remains in the geographical area will stay the same, but the group that has been separated out to another area will begin to adapt to that area and over many years develop certain changes causing it to be a new species. The demands of a different environment or the characteristics of the members of the new group will differentiate the new species from their ancestors. (National Geographic,2015) Living and non-living conditions will cause different selective and adaptive pressures to occur between the now divided groups and they will evolve differently. (M.U.S.E., 2010) Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome

A species being separated into two, one being placed in an entirely different geographical area in time will adapt to the new area taking on new characteristics becoming a new species Methods
M.U.S.E, National Geographic is where this research was done. Learning from the National Geographic there are four different types of speciation. All have to do with separation or isolation of one group from the other. Realizing that the time for a new species to evolve could be a process over millions of years, like the example of the Galapagos finches, being isolate from one another by ocean. Over millions of years, each species of finch has developed a unique beak. (National Geographic, 2015) Results/Outcome

If a species is separated by any means causing a barrier between them they cannot mate with each other...
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