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Topics: Writing, Essay, High school Pages: 2 (1037 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Ms. Rosette Science Fiction, Period 2 08 October 2014 Improvement throughout the Years I remember freshman year I used to be very clueless and ignorant when it comes to the proper way of writing an essay. I didnt know the specific parts of essays which are the thesis, topic sentence, body paragraph, concrete details, conclusion etc. However, it amuses me how much my technique in writing has changed from ninth grade to eleventh grade I realized that I had so many issues with my introduction paragraph, thesis statement, and concrete detail or commentary. After analyzing my portfolio, one of my major issues when it comes to writing an essay is writing my introduction paragraph because I would always have an irrelevant sentence or topic in it. From my sophomore year, I discovered I had this issue in one of my essays about the book called Lord of the Flies where I was supposed to examine the authors use of irony in Lord of the Flies and how he uses irony to advance his message. I wrote The shape of society must depend on its nature as an individual by any chances. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding talks about how someones innocence could be lost by a blink of an eye. Golding also uses irony to advance his massage that teaches the readers some moral lesson (Lord of the Flies). I realized that when it comes to writing an intro, the hook must be relevant to the thesis statement due to the fact that the thesis is the rock or the summary of the whole essay. After writing the Lord of the Flies I made the same mistake in my essay about Antigone where I was supposed to discuss my understanding of the concept of the tragic hero as it pertains to Antigone, include the characteristics which mark him or her as a tragic hero and to address the heros catharsis or epiphany. I wrote A tragic hero refers to a character who exhibits a tragic flaw which will lead him or her huge down fall and will soon realize and learn his or her lessons (Antigone). Ms. Rittel kept...
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