Sci 275-Week 1 Assignment

Topics: California, Household income in the United States, Environment Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Community Environment Issue

Community Environment Issue
The Bay Area is a designated region in Northern California that contains popular cities such as San Francisco and San Jose, which are well known in the global community as breeding grounds for some of the greatest innovations. With the Bay Area being one of the most productive and populated places in California and even the United States, most of its residents work in these cities and are constantly struggling to afford housing closer to their jobs. Currently the residents of the Bay Area are finding themselves spending more than half of their salaries on housing costs when they choose to live in housing closer to their jobs. Many attempt to seek housing further from their jobs which is significantly lower than housing closer to the Bay Area. However, with the increased distance between work and home, the residents are spending the difference (in not more); they are saving in cheaper housing, in transportation costs. Basically the further away the house, the cheaper but higher transportation costs, which means people are spending more in gas for their vehicles and in turn emitting more smog. Whereas, people with housing in close proximity to the Bay Area often life in transient friendly neighborhoods where they can take a bus or train to work, thus reducing the smog impact on the environment. Housing that is closer to the Bay Area has some of the highest costs of living in the United States. People with lower income jobs often find themselves short of money each month because they cannot gain an advantage in reducing costs whether they live closer or further from the Bay Area. A household living in the Bay Area spends on average $28,045 in housing costs and $13,375 in transportation costs. A household in Napa, California (further from the Bay Area) spends on average $26,898 in housing costs and $14,342 in transportation costs. Residents in Napa spend less in housing costs but spend...
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