Sci 230 Cell Worksheet

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Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Worksheet

Provide a list describing at least three differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells:

1. Number of cells – prokaryotic cells is single celled while eukaryotic cells can be single or multi celled. 2. The size of the cells – prokaryotic cells are really extremely tiny while eukaryotic cells are just extremely tiny. 3. The DNA structure – prokaryotic cells are a single circular chromosome attached to the cell wall while eukaryotic cells are linear chromosomes in a nucleus floating in the center of the cell.

Choose two internal structures of prokaryotic cells and three from eukaryotic cells and describe their function in your own words.

|Cell Structures | |Structure |Function | |Nucleus |This is the center of the cell where the majority of the genetic material, such as DNA, | |(Eukaryotic) |is stored. | |Endoplasmic Reticulum |This is a system of membrane-enclosed sacs and tubules within the cell. It is | |(Eukaryotic) |responsible for the manufacturing of the other membranes, proteins, and lipids. | |Mitochondrion |This is the cells power plant; it is responsible for the production of energy for the | |(Eukaryotic) |cell. | |Plasmid |Plasmids are an extra-chromosomal DNA that contains genes with special properties that | |(Prokaryotic) |are...
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