Schutz's Theory

Topics: Psychology, Person, Love Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 20, 2005
In today's paper, I will be analysis personal relationship using Schutz's theory of interpersonal needs. According to Communication Making Connection by William J. Seiler and Melissa L. Beall, Schutz's theory implies that we have three needs: the need for affection, the need for inclusion, and the need for control. According to Schutz's theory, the need for affection is the need to feel likeable or lovable. If various people like a specific person, that person has effectively fulfill this need and that need is referred as personal. Someone who is unable to fulfill this need is labeled either underpersonal or overpersonal. Personal individuals want to be liked, but they do not consider being liked by everyone essential for happiness. Underpersonal people avoid emotional commitments or involvement with others. Overpersonal individuals will often go to the extremes to ensure acceptance by others. It is my belief that, I am a personal individual. I'm the type of person that feels like I'm capable of dealing with anyone that I come in contact with. Many people that I've encounter over the years like my football teammate feel that I'm cocky; nevertheless I tell them that I'm just confident. My ex-girlfriend, shontell, on the other hand is more an overpersonal type of individual. She needs to be at the center of attention in order to ensure that she is acceptance by she peers. She will not make a decision without someone approval. According to Schutz's theory, the interpersonal need for inclusion encompasses our needs to feel significant and worthwhile. Schutz describes individuals in terms of this need as social, undersocial, or oversocial. Social people have satisfied their needs for inclusion. Undersocial people do not like being around other people. Oversocial people cannot stop themselves from getting involved and communicating with others. In my opinion, I would situate myself with the social people; likewise I can also be undersocial at times. It really...
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