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Schutz’s Theory of Interpersonal Needs

By moinui1 Jan 22, 2013 712 Words
Schutz’s Theory of Interpersonal Needs

Name: Trần Vạn Phát
Class: SB0767

Schutz’s Theory of Interpersonal Needs

We all know the importance of Working In Group . Working in group helps the project more effective and when someone in group have problem or good idea in some ways . But in this topic I will talk about problem anybody can do a mistake so need a person captain good have skill great , it depends desperately .

The first , everybody when sign on a group will feel lonely if it is group format . The captain should use behavior same Schutz’s Theory of Interpersonal Needs and it take wishdom when use because if don’t understand new member to need , I 'm under pressure of working in group before because I can not slotted with the team . What they needs is a new impetus to compass one is purpose . What you need to do is make stronger connections , and Schutz’s have three basic human needs are Inclusion , Control and Affection .

The thing is , I do not feel comfortalble . They made a stranger of me , I can not believe it , they did not even want to understand that , I am alone . Three days after , they invite me to a party and leader shook my shoulder and says “ I am sorry , I did not watch you have problem , I will give you a hand “ and I see each separately with leader . I could feel relief when they accepted me . This is “ Need for inclusion “ It is the first request . It promotes friendship , and easy integration into the group . This is as base , anyone will need it . Falling this , it has a great influence on work . Next , “ Need for control “ Refers to feelings of competence . That is an evident , nobody wants to work but just make puppet . This is very frustrating and feel like giving up , because a person anyone want they important or control working they do . Everyone has the right to raise their voice and has an aspiration . Just imagine that scene , in my opinion “ That is not freedom “ . Maybe I do not agree with their , but they has the right to say their point of view . When you are a reputable human in group , I think it is the power that arises from work history good or fail if it bad . You will want to extend your reach . When you had the purpose in order to achieve , so the work become productive . What is purpose ? Especially, if you can see the effect of yourself that is respected by someone and try to keep the shape and do better than in the future . Each person has ambitious and it will “ motivating “ .

The last in Schutz’s Theory of Interpersonal Needs is affection . Why the world is just awesome ? Because it has love , affection , feeling … Imagine , you have the power but nobody loves you , you will feel terrible . So affection is very important and needs to have in one group between reliable friendship and love . Affection is come from the process of working . It is important to add some excitement to the work processes from time to time . Example , Johny working in a company , he has work like a charm , like a machine , but one day he has a slight fever , no one wants to accept responsibility go to see him . Why? , because he work like a machine so it great for company but you will feel inhibited . No one behind you . They just work with you but do not care how you are now . Do you want to work when no one care you ? If some members have strong affection needs , you should spend time with them in nonwork setttings . It like you connection with someone around , You can kindle their interest in work .

Schutz’s theory also suggests ways to motivate group members . It is just a theory . In point of fact , stallers typically suffer from indecisiveness , and it can affect your work processes group . Personal problem can affect a group is performance . For that , you need know use wisely , There are many different aspects of group , but you should weigh each side of the problem . This is a very small part, and you need to innovate between different theories in each situation to improve leadership .

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