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Schools Should Be Closed on Wednesday

By alannahcia Jul 31, 2013 514 Words
Schools should be closed on Wednesday Afternoons by Alannah Cia

I believe that schools should be closed every single Wednesday afternoon, for many valid reasons. Students will have the ability to study or use this time for homework, which will assist in the process of consistent learning. Maintenance of a school is extremely important and necessary if student continuing attendance is desired; this is why having a day off will provide a great benefit. An opportunity for time will allow students to catch up on things they are lacking in such as sleep, time for relaxation and extra time to be with family and friends.

If school students were given the extra hours of a Wednesday afternoon, they could use this time sufficiently by studying. This would allocate more time to be dedicated towards education and give scholars a chance to work at home independently. For example, a student could feel like they were being disrupted in class or were having trouble understanding of a concept. They could learn about it at home in a space they would definitely feel more comfort in. It is obvious how drastically these few extra hours on a Wednesday afternoon could improve learning.

Wednesday afternoons would be convenient for up keeping the maintenance of a school. This is vital if school wish for constant numbers of students attending. Parents believe it is extremely important when scholars are expected to go to school in a place that is hygienic and clean, especially when fees and other expenses were being payed. Who you want to go to a school that was dirty, appalling and untidy? No you would not. Maintenance is essential in caretaking for a school, which could easily be done on Wednesday afternoons.

Having Wednesday afternoons would be an excellent time for students to sleep, relax or spending extra time with family and friends. Students’ lives can be quiet hectic and busy, sometimes missing out on things that they basically need, which can cause great stress on them. Imagine studying till the earliest hours of the morning because you have an exam, and having to go to school the next day. It would be extremely tiring and wouldn’t be in the best interest of the student’s wellbeing. This time then could be used for sleep or relax. At other times, kids may feel they need a break and want to enjoy some time with family and friends. Students can pick up on what they are lacking in, like sleep, relaxation or catching up with friends and family with the time provided on Wednesday afternoons.

Conclusively, if leisure time was provided on Wednesday afternoons, this could be used for many good and advancing purposes. Studying and doing homework could be done in this time, helping to keep up steady and stable grades. Benefits would be obvious as scholars would be able to pick up things they were lacking in like sleep, relaxation time and spending time with beloved family and friends. All schools, nation-wide, should absolutely give students time on Wednesday afternoons; the improvements will be drastic.

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