Schools in Korea and America

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Schools in Korea and America

Every society has different values, standards of judgment, and tastes. This fact makes that every society has a different culture. Today, there are so many schools in the world and each country school has own character. Schools in Korea and America have a great number of similarities and differences. Both Korean and American schools have several similarities. To begin with, elementary schools are quite similar: there is one teacher for all subjects for each grade, and the classes are coeducational and the majority of the teachers are women. In addition, the subjects taught at the elementary schools are similar such as reading, writing, mathematics, music, sports and art. In addition, both Korean and American elementary students spend approximately the same number of learning hours per day per week in school: they usually spend about seven to eight hours in a day. In addition, both countries require children to attend school for at least nine years. Usually children start school at age six, and leave at age sixteen. And after elementary school each country’s middle school has a different teacher for each subject. In spite of these similarities between Korean and USA schools, there are a great number of differences. In Korea, There are six years of elementary school and three years of middle and high school separately. While in America, schools are divided into eight years of elementary and four years of high school. Furthermore, all Korean students who are supposed to graduate from middle school have to choose between academic preparatory and vocational training in high school. In contrast, American students do not have to choose like Korean students do, but they also have to consider about what direction they are going to be going in: between college preparation and vocational study. Anyone graduating high school in the United States has the opportunity to go to college, although Korean graduating vocational high school...
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