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A Sound Food Supply
Effective purchasing paves the way for a successful food service operation. Purchasing is a highly skilled activity requiring knowledge of products and market conditions. The main objectives of an effective purchasing program are to: Buy the product that is best suited for the job

Buy the proper quantity of the item
Pay the right price for the item
Deal with the only reputable and dependable suppliers
Purchase specifications are important to both buyer and management. They are the guidelines that detail the characteristics of a product, including such properties as: Quality grade
Buying from Approved Sources
You should always purchase food that is safe and wholesome. Something is wholesome if it is favourable to or promotes health. Food must come from an approved source that complies with all applicable local, state, and federal food laws. During inspections, the clerk should check for:

Cleanliness of the cargo area in the delivery vehicle
Temperature of refrigerated and frozen storage areas (if applicable) Proper separation of food and non-food items
Signs of insect, rodent, or bird infestation
Strategies for Determining Food Quality
Sensory evaluation is a commonly used method for making routine quality determinations on foods received at retail food establishments. This type of evaluation evolves using the senses of smell, touch, sight and sometimes taste. Following the Flow of Food

The flow of food on site begins with receiving and storage. From storage, food products move into the preparation and service phases, which can involve one or more steps. Receiving
Employees responsible for receiving products must carefully inspect all incoming food supplies to make sure they are in sound condition, free from filth spoilage, and are at the proper temperatures. Proper receiving requires a knowledgeable person who follows specific guidelines. Poor receiving procedures increase the chance of: Theft

Acceptance of underweight merchandise
Acceptance of products do not meet specifications

Products that are damage, spoiled, or otherwise unfit for sale or use in a food establishment must be properly disposed of or held by the establishment for credit, redemption or return to the distributor. It is important that these products not be mistaken safe and wholesome products and/ or cause contamination of other foods, equipment, utensils, linens, or single-service articles. To prevent this from happening, these products must be segregated and held in designated areas that will keep them separate from food, equipment, utensils, linens and single-service and single-use articles. Whatever the size of the food establishment, receiving requires: Prompt handling

Exacting quality control procedures
Trained staff who have good judgement and experience in interpreting: Products specifications
Temperature measurement
Proper disposition of distressed merchandise
Packaged Foods
Heat processing is a common food of preserving foods.
The terms hermetic packaging refers to a container sealed completely to prevent the entry and loss of gases and vapours. Such a container, since it remains intact, also stops the entry of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and other types of contamination. Always check cans for:

Broken seals
Damage along seams
Missing labels
Do not accept can if they leak or bulge at either end. Swollen ends on a can indicate that gas is being produced inside. This gas may be caused by a chemical reaction between the food and the metal in the container, or it may be caused by the growth of microbes inside the can.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a process whereby foods are placed in container and air is removed from the packaged. Sous-vide is the French term for “without air.” processors of sous-vide foods seal raw ingredients, often entire...
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